HOPE Childcare Center uses the A Beka Book Curriculum. This curriculum, has been devised by professional Christian teachers and administrators. The A Beka Curriculum's are based on sound scholarship, common sense, and the Word of God. A Beka Book believes "character training is one of the supreme goals of Christian education. God says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6. Children must be faithfully trained, line upon line, precept upon precept, day after day after day". A Beka Book believes "to train means to exercise, to discipline, to teach and form by practice. when a person is trained, it becomes part of his character to do what he has been taught. it is built into his spirit, and he has to go against his own spirit to do the wrong thing. Training builds habits that are right, and training must take place all through the day". It is the intention of A Beka Book to train students to do these things through their curriculum's:


1.   Respect Authority

2.   Pay Attention

3.   Obey Willingly

4.   Apply Themselves to the task at hand

5.   Learn rules and apply them

6.   Do their best

7.   Learn to work hard

8.   Develop Habits


Preschool Program

The two-five year old curriculums, which have been devised by professional Christian teachers/administrators, contain day-by-day lessons in four categories.  Those categories include Language Development, Phonics, Numbers, and Skill Development.


Courageous Cubs - Mounting Higher through Learning

The two year old curriculum – presents language development visuals children use to develop their language and listening skills as they learn about and discuss God’s creation and the people/world around them.  Learning Numbers with Button Bear is a number recognition and coloring book especially designed for twos.  Arts and Crafts with Button Bear has been designed to give two year olds delightful opportunities to enjoy art as they develop motor skills.  The variety of projects, which introduce young children to basic arts and crafts concepts, correlate with academics, Bible teaching, seasons, and holidays.  Skills development is also taught through music, reinforcing letters and numbers.


Learning Leopards - Climbing Higher through Learning

The three year old curriculum – is a beginning ABC book for three year olds.  Each new letter is introduced by an animal alphabet friend.  This animal friend helps the child recognize the letter and learn the letter’s sound.  This language development section is also designed to teach early writing skills.  Children learn letter formation and practice hand-eye coordination as they trace or glue items to letters.  Numbers and Skills with Button Bear helps three year olds sharpen their listening skills, follow directions, and practice hand-eye coordination as they learn number concepts 1-10.  The colorful projects in Arts and Crafts with Amber Lamb give three year olds delightful opportunities to enjoy art and develop motor skills while they paint, glue, and color projects with seasonal, biblical, and fun themes.  The children also learn colors and shapes, learn how to follow directions, and develop hand-eye coordination with the projects.


Terrific Tigers- Rising Higher through Learning

The four year old curriculum – begins with a four part language development lesson.  The first part presents phonics lessons that reinforce beginning phonics, reading and writing skills.  The second part includes Little Books 1-12 and Animal Friends Books 1-8 which are the basis of the K4 reading program.  The Little Books give children practice reading letters, words, and simple sentences.  The Animal Friends Books enable children to read simple stories in their very own book.  The third part includes picture flashcards that provide a delightful way for children to expand their language skills as they learn new vocabulary words and increase listening skills.  The forth part includes cursive writing.  The children practice tracing and then writing the lowercase letters of the alphabet and 12 capital letters in cursive.  The numbers lessons teach the children to recognize and understand number concepts.  The goal is to have the children counting to 100, recognizing numbers 1-20, distinguishing before and after numbers, and answering simple combinations.  The developmental skills lessons help develop children’s listening skills and motor coordination through activities such as following instructions, coloring, cutting, and directed drawing.


Soaring Doves - Soaring Higher through Learning

The five year old curriculum – begins with a four part language development lesson.  Phonics lessons teach and review vowel and consonant sounds, blends, one-and two-vowel words, words with special sounds and sentence comprehension.  The second part includes the Basic Phonics Readers that are an excellent introduction to reading.  The stories and word pages are correlated with the phonics sounds that are presented in class, beginning with one-vowel words and then progressing to two-vowel words.  The third part includes Language Enrichment Visuals that provides an interesting way to teach children the concept of opposites and the difference between positions such as over, under, in and out.  The forth part includes cursive writing correlated with the phonics program.  Students learn to write the letters as they show exactly how each letter “lives.”  The numbers lessons reinforce number concepts and formation through 100, addition and subtraction combinations, number sequences, number words, telling time, and working with money.  The developmental skills lessons are designed to aid the kindergarten child in the development of writing readiness, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, listening and thinking skills, and good character.  The Social Studies lessons introduce the students to community helpers, beginnings of American history, interesting features of countries around the world, and simple geography.  The Science lessons are a simple yet exciting introduction to God’s plan for the universe.  Units on the five senses, the weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore all show the amazing wonders of God’s design in this world He has created.


Before/After School Program

We offer an exciting before and after school program for students 5- 12 years old.

Our before and after school programs provide a safe, secure, and loving environment for students before and after school.  

Engaging Activities

Our before school programs give children a supervised place to prepare for the day. We provide breakfast and the students participate in morning devotions.

Our after school programs feature a full hour of homework help supervised by the group leader. Quite often, it’s enough time for a child to finish assignments, giving families more time to spend together in the evening. Our daily after school schedule also includes:

  • Physical activities in our gym or outside playground.

  • Afternoon snacks

  • Afternoon Devotions

  • Fun Friday

Virtual Learning Program

We offer a Safe & Caring  Environment for our Virtual Learning Students - Grades K—5

Each student will have their own workspace and must bring their own Laptop/Tablet and MCPS Hotspot   

The students offline activities will include:

  • Physical activities in our gym or outside playground.

  • Afternoon snacks

  • Daily Devotions

  • Fun Friday


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